Tailor SAP to Your Needs

I provide SAP technical knowledge and solutions to close the gaps left outstanding after the implementation.

I help companies achieve the functionality they were expecting, but never got, because it was declared not possible or outside “best practices”.

After working with the new system for some time the business will come up with ideas to improve and innovate. I help companies transform those ideas into tailored SAP solutions.

SAP is a time-tested platform that suits a full range of business. It can be customized to support all kind of requirements and ways to do things. However, the initial implementation is just the first approximation to the business processes and characteristics. Done under time and budget constraints, the implementation rarely delivers the functionality expected by the business. The remaining gaps are cause of inefficiency and user frustration.

I specialize in finding the best way to close gaps and implement ideas in the SAP platform – and in particular PP and APO – using the full range of customization options that SAP provides.

In almost two decades as a SAP consultant I have helped many companies tailor their systems after the initial implementation:

  • Adjusting the system to the business way of doing things
  • Innovating by mapping new ideas into the SAP platform
  • Freeing the user from repetitive and time wasting actions
  • Manipulating and presenting operational data for decentralized decision making
  • Relieving user frustration in general

There is a wide range of options to improve your current SAP system:

  • Incorporation of standard SAP functionality not initially implemented
  • Use of standard SAP functionality in creative ways
  • Design, development and implementation of custom transactions and reports
  • Enhancement of SAP Code using SAP Customisation Tools

I favour small projects with low cost and limited risk.

If your business is feeling the pain of outstanding gaps, or you have and idea and want to know how to implement it in SAP, please email me. I enjoy a good challenge and my initial advise is free.

Joaquin Perez Barrios