Wide Range of Options

There are many options to improve manufacturing processes on a SAP system:

Use of standard functionality: SAP may already provide the functionality needed. The standard system can be reconfigured or functionalities not included in the original implementation can be activated.

Customised transactions: When the standard transactions do not provide the required functionality, or if the user has to jump between different transactions to get the work done, a custom made transaction can be created to support the process. SAP offers a full range of options to create transactions and reports based on its programming language ABAP.

Enhancing the standard functionality: SAP also supports the modification of the standard system to adjust to customer specific needs. The standard system behaviour can be modified and extended as required with the use of SAP’s enhancement framework, BAdIs or user-exits.

Excel with VBA:  SAP is a powerful platform to collect and process information but it may be a bit rigid for flexible analysis. Combining SAP with Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can deliver powerful tools. Even SAP uses Excel in its Business Intelligence (BI) solution for reporting.