Closing of Implementation Gaps

Improvement over the SAP implementation by adapting the system to unique business characteristics or valuable legacy functionalities that were not initially included due to time or resource constraints.

Implementation consultants may impose standard functionality, that doesn’t properly cover the business needs, justified by “best practices” or a technical limitation. However, in many cases, business specific functionality could have been added with additional time and knowledge.

Tailored Solutions for SAP Innovation

Design and implementation of creative solutions to innovate using your SAP platform.

  • Use of standard SAP functionality in creative ways
  • Design, development and implementation of custom transactions and reports
  • Enhancement of SAP Code using SAP Customisation Tools

Settling of “Tech Debt”

Companies incur in tech debt when they cut corners and deliver inefficient custom solutions that “work”. Many do not have the time or the resources to go back and improve the provided solution.

Tailored ERP can audit the current customisation and enhancements in order to:

  • Revisit the business need and the way the solution is supporting it.
  • Propose a more standard solution if available
  • Make your customisation code more efficient, faster and more resilient to future system upgrades
  • Consolidate several solutions with similar goals

SAP Know-How and Enhancements for Process Improvement Consultants

Tailored ERP can work with external or internal process improvement consultants to deliver a “combo” solution (process changes supported by technical tools). A win-win approach that provides excellent value to the consultant’s clients.

  • Check your proposal for feasibility in SAP
  • Map your process changes on SAP’s transactions
  • Design new transactions, efficient and adapted to the business needs

General SAP Logistics Consulting (PP & APO) and high level problem solving

Tailored ERP also offers general consultancy services in SAP logistics modules and, in particular, production planning (PP) and Advance Planning and Optimizer (APO).

We welcome problems that you are finding difficult to solve and for which SAP doesn’t provide a standard solution.