3 Strategies to Improve the ERP Global Template

I once had an old Italian neighbour. “La Nona” spoke in a mixture of Italian and Venezuelan Spanish that never got perfected because she didn’t need to. Most people understood her. Both languages were close enough to guess what she wanted, even if the communication was not great. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. The…
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What exactly are “Best Practices”?

” Cliche: ..expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect..” Wikipedia. My previous article mentioned the incongruency in marketing ERP system when they are promoted both as based on best practices (doing things as others do) and as innovation tools (doing…
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How ERP Systems Get in the Way of Continuous Improvement If you are a production planning professional of a certain age you have witnessed at least 2 revolutions. The first is the digital revolution. Everybody has.  The second is the production planning revolution of the last few decades. There has been a constant flow of…
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2019-09-27 0

There Are Still Silos in the ERP Prairies

ERP integrated systems are designed to destroy silos. The integration of all data in a single database, with a similar approach to access it, goes a long way to eliminate the incompatibilities between department systems that were commonplace in the past. The batch transfer of information – sometimes even manual transcription – is no longer…
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2015-08-09 0

The Challenge of Manufacturing with SAP

SAP has been extremely successful in providing its ERP solution to a wide range of companies, industries and markets; and yet I usually encounter users dissatisfied with the way their manufacturing and production planning is reflected in the system. This is the first of a few posts exploring this issue and what can be done…
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