Continuous Improvement Solutions for Companies Producing with SAP® (PP & PPDS)

Professionally Designed and Developed by Joaquin Perez-Barrios

SAP Enhancements for KAIZEN

Continuous Improvement programs constantly adjust production processes to adapt to changes and to archive endless improvements to throughput and quality.

Improvements should include changes to the ERP system in which the production processes are based, but this may be hampered by a rigid template policy or the skills needed to modify the system.

I help companies implement in SAP the changes required to support their continuous improvement initiative. 

Close Implementation Gaps

Implementation Gaps are required functionality that was not included initially due to restrictions in time and knowledge. They also include changes developed in a rush that “worked” but could be better (this is called technological debt).

These gaps should be closed after the system is stable and the users have a better understanding of what is needed, but this can be difficult after the consultants are gone and the IT team (own or outsourced) settles into issue resolution mode.

I help companies implement small projects – laser-focused and inexpensive – to close gaps and pay tech debt.

Tailoring the system for Innovation

Innovation cannot be based on “best practices”.

Using best practices is doing things the same way everybody else does them. Great for standard processes, for example in finance.
Innovation is doing things differently to archive something new or to create a competitive advantage.

An ERP system based on best practices can impose an unnecessary constraint to creativity and Innovation. The limitation is not technical, so companies can help innovation by changing the policies of how the system can be modified.

Multiple Options to Improve

SAP offers a wide range of customization options to support your continuous improvement initiative.

Customized Transactions and Programs

There is no limit of what can be done using SAP’s ABAP programming language. Brand new functionality can be developed from scratch or can be based on modified versions of standard transactions and programs. Code is open so it can be supported by your IT team.

Operational interactive reports

SAP List view (ALV) reports and ABAP Queries can be quickly implemented to dynamically collect data from different sources, calculate, compare and flag alerts. Then jump to the required transaction or do predefined actions with just one click.

BAdIs and User Exits

These are predefined points in the code with a programmable subroutine. Customer-specific logic can be used to check or modify the data being processed. SAP has been progressively adding more of these options.

SAP Enhancements

SAP Enhancements Framework is used to create and organize extensions to SAP’s original code. Custom code can be added before or after any subroutine or function to modify the system behaviour.

Unusual Standard Functionality

SAP has powerful functionalities that may not be included in a first wave implementation to reduce complexity and risk or for lack of knowledge by the consultants. For instance, Variant Configuration can dramatically reduce the required number of BOM and Routings.

Excel Templates with Macros

Many users extract SAP data to Excel to use its flexibility for data analysis and its graphic engine. This makes sense in cases where SAP cannot provide similar functionality without substantial work. Users can be provided with a well designed Excel template using VB for applications.

Free Evaluation

The evaluation phase is free to allow the client to explore improvement possibilities without any commitment. I will then provide a proposal with one or more options to implement the improvement in the system.

Get in Contact

Fix Price

Implementing a solution option has a fixed price. This includes the coding in a development system, unit tests, documentation and a specified number of remote training hours. Additional consultancy time to support moving it to production or in site presence can be agreed on top of the package price.

Full Money Back Guarantee

You will get back any payment towards the fix price package if you decide not to use it – no reason required – at any time during the implementation of the solution, and up to 3 months after final delivery.


“He will consider, advise, debate, propose, agree, test, train and implement the solution. Our company has been using some of his deliverables for years now. He assisted in enhancements around planning and scheduling which were helpful to our productivity and process. I would work with him again without reservation.

Dave Caldwell
Group Planning Director, GTS and Warehousing at CoatS .

“The technical challenges were also considerable yet Joaquin always drove us to the right solution, and he was capable of thinking outside the box when it was necessary. A solid, reliable, technically gifted colleague I would have no hesitation in recommending or re-employing if the need arose”

Paul Millward
Head of Supply Chain Planning at Asahi UK

“I was impressed with how quickly he entered into our requirements. The task was not a standard one and required a thorough investigation of specialized statistical books and papers. Joaquin successfully completed the project, and all this was done in a very short term. I can recommend him as a brilliant professional”

Evgeni Iliev
Business Process Leader – Demand Planning at Coca-Cola Hellenic

“He showed detailed attention and complete understanding of business requirements and designed solutions to meet the business needs. He investigates and provides alternative solutions and recommendations when we are faced with challenges”

Manish Bhatnagar
Director Solution Architect Demand & Supply Planning
Estee Lauder

“Joaquin demonstrated a great depth of functional technical know-how and a very thorough and conscientious approach, putting in the extra mile to meet demanding requirements or deadlines. He is a strong team player and sensitive to relationships throughout the team, I would recommend highly”

Jim Houghton
Director at Olivehorse Ltd

“a very capable logistic consultant, always completing his assignment in scope, budget and time”

Oscar A. Castillo G.
Analytics & Strategy Lead at IBM

Joaquin Perez-Barrios

SAP Production Consultant and Developer

For more than 20 years I have helped companies improve their production planning and execution processes using the SAP platform. I design, develop and implement tailored SAP solutions, combining business and technical knowledge.

Engineering Knowledge

I’m a mechanical engineer and worked as production manager for 10 years. I understand products as well as production processes and their pain points.

Technical Knowledge

I have implemented SAP production solutions in many companies from different markets. I have a detailed understanding of the functionality and the system limitations

Joaquin Perez-Barrios in LinkedIn
Business Knowledge

I have a Logistics MBA from IESA and Kenan-Flagler. I know the impact of changes in other areas and can relate to people in all levels of the organization.

Programming Knowledge

I’m also an ABAP developer. I have delivered all kinds of  coded solutions, from small changes to complete mini projects of new functionality.

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